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VHF DSC Radio Tutor plus Simulator

VHF Short Range Certificate Tutor and Simulator in a discount bundle. You benefit from guided learning of the VHF DSC Tutor, plus the unlimited practice in radio operation from the VHF DSC Simulator. Learn and practice marine VHF radio at a bargain price with this popular pack.

Complete Training Pack

Step-by-Step animations explain the VHF and Digital Selective Calling systems. Realistic hands-on practice including distress and urgency alert procedures.
VHF Tutor plus VHF Simulator combine to give knowledge and practice.

Audio Examples

Correct radio procedures are demonstrated with full audio examples. Learn all the "pro-words" used to clarify radio communication and hear them in context.
Listen to audio examples of the PRO-Words used to clarify radio communications.

Guided Learning System

Follow the animated guide and ensure correct steps to operate each function on the fully-modelled VHF radios. Transmit, receive and all procedures covered.
Animated guide to marine VHF radio guides and tests your progress.

Send and Receive Alerts

Detailed simulation of VHF radio, plus a remote station let you practice the right way to send out every type of DSC Alert, or to handle them when received
Send and receive VHF Radio Digital Selective Calling alerts in this training software.

Practice Distress Working

Mayday Distress situations demand instinctive action, but you cannot practice on a real radio. The Simulator can send and receive DSC Distress Alerts in safety.
Safe practice of all distress functions with the VHF Simulator.

Introduction to GMDSS

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System ensures all major vessels have the appropriate methods of communication wherever they sail around the world.
The place of VHF DSC radio within the GMDSS.
Personal Study    £ 34.95
Professional Use  £ 109.95
Watch Video Demo of bargain Radio Simulator and Tutorial software.
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