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Marine Radar Operation - Interactive Tutorial

Radar collision avoidance training, using interactive exercises and animations. Learn how to track contacts on your radar screen, interpret their movements and correctly apply the IRPCS Collision Regulations as they apply to radar-equipped vessels.

Hands-On Learning

This PC software provides hands-on experience in operating radar on small craft. Step-by-step lessons use simplified controls and displays to speed learning.
Hands-on interactive training with the marine Radar Tutorial.

Interactive Software

Unlike video DVD products, this Tutorial uses unique programming to respond to your use of controls. You learn to identify potential danger and are then tested
LightMaster Radar Tutor uses interactive leasrning.

Understand Relative Motion

Relative motion of contacts on your radar screen needs a skilled operator to ensure safe interpretation and response. Learn these vital radar skills using your PC.
Understand the importance of relative motion to interpret your boat radar display.

Use of Radar Controls

Learn to use EBL electronic bearing line, VRM variable range marker, cursor and other controls to measure target movement. ARPA automatic plotting included
Learn to use the EBL, VRM and other radar set controls.

IRPCS Collision Rules

Rules of the Road define special regulations for use on vessels equipped with radar. Animated examples teach you how to react in different situations.
The Radar Tutor CD includes IRPCS Collision Avoidance Rules.

TutorPlus Bargain Pack

Upgrade to the TutorPlus pack to combine the great benefits of the Tutor and Simulator programs in one box, at a bargain price. The most popular choice !
Save money with the Radar Tutor Plus pack with Simulator and Tutorial on one CD.
Personal Study    £ 19.95
Professional Use  £ 59.95
Watch Demonstration Video of the Radr Plotting Tutor.
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