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VHF DSC Radio Training Tutorial

Ideal preparation for GMDSS VHF Short Range Certificate Radio Course or Exam. Teaches basics of marine VHF radio; use and types of Channel; VHF Radio voice procedures; the Digital Selective Calling system; and control operating sequences including Distress Alerts.

VHF Principles

Learn about radio waves and how they behave. Uses interactive animations to demonstrate squelch, hi/lo power, capture effect and the dual watch system.
VHF marine radio principles and effect on controls of the radio receiver.

Channel Allocation and Use

Understand the use of each channel & the unusual way channels are numbered. Learn the difference between simplex and duplex channels, and their effect.
VHF marine band channel allocation and simplex / duplex channel operation.

Learn Radio Set-Up

Set up entries in the MMSI directory; Read logs of received calls; Enter your position & time manually. Practice all the menus and functions on the radio sets
Learn to use the directories, logs and other settings on a VHF DSC Radio.

Digital Selective Calling

Find you way in the jungle of acronyms - MMSI, MID and many more. Learn the many types of DSC Alerts, when to use them and how to act if you receive them.
Digital Selective Calling - DSC - what is is and how to use a DSC radio.

Working Controls Demos

Each procedure is explained then you operate the right controls to perform the required action. Your attempt is guided to ensure you learn the correct steps
Interactive radio controls on the VHF Tutor software.

Radio Tutor-Plus Package

With step-by-step tuition plus unlimited practice the popular Tutor-Plus pack combines both VHF Tutor and the VHF Simulator in one bargain-price package.
Save money and learn more with the combined Tutor and Simulator pack.
Personal Study    £ 19.95
Professional Use  £ 59.95
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