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IRPCS Collision Regulations Vessel Lights and IALA Navigation Buoys

The Rules of the Road - The International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea - define Vessel Lights & Day Shapes by which any type of vessel can be recognised. Navigation marks defined by IALA are Aids to Navigation. Easily learn these vital subjects.

Video Tutorials

Sit back and learn about every type of navigational buoy: its purpose, shape, colour scheme, top marks and light pattern. A great overview of the subject.
Video clips teach about international navigation buoys.

Vessel Lights Tutorial

Illustrated tutorial explains the purpose of the lights displayed by vessels after dark. The tutorial combines sunset photos, 3D images and diagrams for clarity.
Illustrated tutorial on Collision Regs Vessel Lights.

Buoy Simulator

Interactive teach & test. Any navigation mark - day or night - brought to life on your PC screen. 3-modes of learning - gives you the knowledge then tests you.
Buoy Simulator demonstrates every type of IALA navigation mark.

Vessel Lights Simulator

Select any type of vessel and steer it around the PC screen, learning how the Collision Regs lights appear from every angle. Not just fixed views as in the books.
Collision Regs vessel lights brought to life in the LightMaster vessel lights simulator.

IRPCS Collision Rules

Every skipper must know the Col Regs - as they will apply to his or her vessel. Concentrate on the most relevant regs, plus full rules relating to lights & shapes.
Guide to the IMO Rules of the Road.

IALA Regions A & B

Learn how the world uses two related but different buoyage schemes. Samples of both schemes are illustrated and explained in the interactive animations.
IALA Regions A & B show differences in buoyage around the world.
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Professional Use  £ 69.95
Watch Vessel Lights and Buoys Video.
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