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The general rules covering use of our software are shown below. Broadly, schools and tutors will need to buy Professional licences. Personal licences are at discounted prices, but limited to personal study only. It is not worth trying to cheat the system, as you can be prosecuted, sued for the full, undiscounted price of the licences you should have held, and you can lose your RYA recognition.

There are two exceptions to the general principle.


Tutors can buy a Personal licence for their own education, or to assess how well the software can fit into their lesson plan. In the latter case, the requisite number of Professional licences must then be bought before starting to use the software in the class. Note the "class" here includes all teaching situations, even one-on-one or own-boat courses. If you upgrade from Personal to Professional within a reasonable period from purchase, we discount most of the Personal licence cost off the price of the Professional purchase.


Once a tutor has purchased sufficient Professional licences to cover his/her classroom usage, they are automatically entitled to purchase additional Personal licences at a trade discount for resale to students. The discounts apply for even just one copy, and increase with quantity. Contact us for further details.

Some tutors pass the discount on as a benefit to their pupils, others use it as an additional revenue stream. You can also have students come directly to us, citing your establishment, and we will give them, or you, the discount. So you do not have to hold stock, or pass the transactions through your accounts.


In common with most software developers, LightMaster retains all rights to its software, and issues licences to operate installations of the programs in return for payment of the appropriate fees depending on the use to which the program is put. The different licences are described below. Please ensure that you order the correct licence for your proposed use. It is an offence to use any software without a valid, applicable licence. Whichever licence(s) you purchase, you will receive any necessary CD and documentation to enable operation of the program. You pay for the licence - the physical medium is supplied automatically.

PERSONAL LICENCE. (Also called Individual, Single-User or Student licence).

A special low-cost licence limited to use by one, named, individual for their own private study. This licence is not transferrable. The software cannot be used by any other person at any time. The only exception is immediate relatives, permanently resident at the same address. This licence is always issued to one, named individual. It cannot be issued in the name of a club, school, or company.

PROFESSIONAL LICENCE (Also called Multi-User or Shared-Use licence).

If the software is to be run at any time by, or for the benefit of, someone other than the one individual to whom it was licensed, then a Shared-Use licence is required for each PC on which it is run. This is the licence normally required by tutors, clubs, schools, or companies. It does not matter whether the various users are grouped around the PC at one time, use it at different times, or are watching a central screen or projector screen. If it is not personal study by the licencee, then it qualifies as shared use. If more than one PC or terminal has access to the software, then the appropriate number of shared-use licences must be purchased. It does not matter whether the program is stored on each PC or on a central server, licences are required for each PC with access to the program. See product description for the cost of each type of licence. If the number of PCs is high enough, savings can be made by purchasing a site licence instead - see below.


If sufficient PCs are to be licensed, it will become cheaper and simpler to purchase a site licence. This permits the specified software to be run on a specified number of PCs on one site. The threshold for a site licence varies with product and use. If you plan to use the Radar Simulator on more than 2 PCs, or any other product on more than 5 PCs, then please request a quote for a site licence for the chosen number of PCs.

Freelance tutors, who present courses at different venues, can apply for a "Site" licence in their own name, rather than for a physical location. They can then use the licensed number of PCs anywhere, but only that tutor may use the software. It does not cover use at these locations by anyone other than the licensed tutor


Except for evaluation licences, with a stated expiry date or period, all licences are granted in perpetuity. The software may be used so long as you have a PC capable of running it. If you change your PC or operating system (version of Windows), we will not be under any obligation to provide updated software. We hope that the software will continue to run satisfactorily on later versions of Windows, but cannot take any responsibilty if it does not do so.

If you choose to run the software on a new PC, it must be uninstalled from the original machine, unless an additional licence is purchased. This last condition applies only to Professional Licences: Personal Licences may be installed on additional PCs, but may only be used by the original licence holder.