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Radar Afloat

This practical guide shows you how to get the best possible picture and how to interpret it. All the major techniques are explained in simple terms and illustrated with dual photos of the chart and radar screen - to help you understand their similarities and differences. Radar Afloat is the perfect introduction to this wonderful aid to navigation and safety.As an ex-officer in the royal navy, a practising yachtsman and a navigation instructor, Tim Bartlett has been using radar at sea on all types of vessel for more years than he cares to admit. Formerly technical editor of the magazine Motorboat and Yachting, he spends much of his time testing the very latest equipment in small craft under power and sail.

Please note:

We no longer sell any books. Our Tutor Plus range includes a tutorial program which covers much of what you would find in books.

However, if you want these books, you should be able to obtain them through your usual nautical books supplier.