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Reeds VHF DSC Handbook

This work is a user-friendly guide that gets marine VHF users quickly up to speed in using both the analogue and digital functions of the radio. Sue Fletcher's straightforward explanations and tips describe the leisure craft VHF DSC radio system in detail and its place within GMDSS. Since it was first published, it has become the standard text on the subject, providing:
.. All the information required to pass the Short Range Certificate (SRC) - compulsory for anyone using a VHF DSC radio.
.. Useful question and answer sections to test your knowldge.
.. A full explanation of GMDSS as it affects leisure craft, including details on EPIRBs, SARTs and Navtex.
.. A valuable onboard reference and handy aide-memoire.

Sue Fletcher is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, nautical author and Principal of Chichester Maritime, an RYA training centre. She was invited by the MSA to assist in the specification for the leisure craft radio and procedures described in this book.

This book is a more in-depth study of the subject than VHF Afloat and is ecommended for those who wish to understand the background material, as well as the basic essentials of operation.

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