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Radar Training Tutor and Simulator

Training Bargain. Radar TutorPlus pack combines the Collision Avoidance and radar operating training of the Radar Tutor, with the powerful training experience of the Radar Training Simulator. The best way to learn proper use of small-craft radar for any boat.

Interpret the Radar Screen

The Radar Tutor teaches you how to interpret the movements of contacts on your radar screen. Identify potential dangers and take the correct action in safety
Learn to interpret target movement on the radar screen.

Controls Explained

Each main control used to track targets and identify danger is explained. Simple exercises give hands-on practice. Self-test checks your progress in the Tutor.
Radar Tutor program teaches and tests use of radar controls.

Choice of Radar Sets

Select a conventional CRT green-screen set, having separarate knobs and buttons for each function, or a LCD set with menus and soft-key controls.
Choice of CRT or LCD radar set in Radar Simulator.

Detailed Coastal Modelling

Realistic coastal modelling allows navigation and close quarters pilotage into many different harbours and river estuaries. Even pilot your vessel right to the quayside
Radar coastline is modelled in detail allowing radar pilotage exercises.

Realistic Radar Pictures

Gain valuable experience with the realistic Simulator displays. Knowledge gained on the Simulator can be applied directly to safe use of a real radar installation.
The Radar Simulator produces highly realistic radar displays.

MARPA Automation

Use the Automatic Plotting Aid to track targets automatically and report their course, speed and closest point of approach, warning if risk of collision.
MARPA Automatic Radar Plotting Aid is provided in the Radar Simulator.
Personal Study    £ 69.95
Professional Use  £ 530
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