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GPS Afloat

The Global Positioning System (GPS) will pinpoint a boat’s position to within a few yards, and give a course to steer to its destination (the waypoint). This book explains how the system works and how to navigate safely and efficiently - in daylight, darkness or in fog.

Bill Anderson started sailing off the North Antrim coast in an open fishing boat. He spent 13 years as a seaman officer in the Royal Navy, serving as Navigating Officer of a minesweeper, a frigate and a destroyer.

On leaving the Navy he joined the training division of the Royal Yachting Association, where he set up and run the RYA/DTp Yachtmaster training and examinations.

He has always been an enthusiastic sailor, with experience ranging from dinghy racing to an Atlantic crossing (from Brazil to the UK). He now spends most of his summers cruising NW Europe.

Contents: Introduction; Choosing a Set; Getting it to Work, Position Fixing, Outputs, Waypoint Navigation,
Passage Making, Pilotage.

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We no longer sell any books. Our Tutor Plus range includes a tutorial program which covers much of what you would find in books.

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