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VHF Short Range Certificate authorises VHF radio operation.

Licences Required for Marine VHF Radio

You are legally required to hold the right licences before installing or using a marine VHF radio. Failure to comply can result in heavy penalties and confiscation of your equipment. We explain what licences you require and how to obtain them.

Learn which licences you require to install and operate radio on your boat.
Phonetic Alphabet Trainer

Phonetic Alphabet Trainer

Learn and practice the phonetic alphabet used to clarify radio communications. This helpful program gives both visual and audio training and tests your ability as you learn.

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Digital calling and voice messages for VHF radio communication at sea.

Marine Radio Procedures

Brief introduction to the standard procedures used to communicate by marine VHF radio.

Details of VHF DSC operating procedures.
New radar technology for frequency modulated continuous wave broadband radar and high definition radar.

Current Small-Craft Radar Technology

Small-craft radar systems have progressed significantly in the past few years - but what does that mean for you?. What do the manufacturers mean by High Definition or Broadband? What are the benefits or limitations of these new technologies.

Details of High Definition and FMCW Radar for yachts and motor cruisers.
An introduction to GPS navigation afloat.

Using Marine GPS

Many new boaters are familiar with GPS-based car navigation systems, but marine GPS is very different. Learn what it can do for you - and what you must do for it !

Methods of navigation using marine GPS receivers.
Basics of the IRPCS Collisiuon Regulations for small boat sailors.

Collision Regulations - Rules of the Road

Every seafarer should have some knowledge of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. We offer books and software to give you a thorough understanding, but this introduction will put you on the right path, and explain what is important for you to know

Find what you need to learn about collision avoidance rules.



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