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Phonetic Training Program

Phonetic Alphabet Training

Use this Phonetic Trainer to learn & test yourself


The Phonetic Alphabet is a set of audibly distinct words, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. They are used to clarify spelling of words used in radio communications, where poor reception, or sound-alike words can cause confusion. They also help when quoting strings of characters, such as vehicle registrations. You are required to know the phonetics in order to pass your VHF SRC exam or course.

The Phonetic Trainer provides a range of tools to help you learn and practice the phonetic alphabet. Click on the Introduction tab and read the instructions. Initially, you are recommended to work through the tabs in order, as a logical sequence of learning, but can then jump to any exercise as you wish.

Generally you will want the Use Sound box ticked, to hear the phonetics spoken. If you are in a situation where this audio output would be inappropriate, you can untick the box and just see the phonetics spelt out on the screen.