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Sample yacht photograph from teaching resources photo album.

Photo Gallery

A range of photographs which may be used in presenting RYA courses face-to-face. They remain our copyright and may not be distributed or included in any published works in any medium, including but not limited to: book, website, magazine, CD or DVD.
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Radar Simulator showing one of the additional radar training exercises for school use.

Additional Radar Exercises

An additional set of exercises for use with the Radar Simulator. Each exercise has a description of its objectives and teaching points.

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GPS Training illustration from the sea school resorces collection.

Illustrations for Course Presentations

A series of illustrations including chartwork, col regs, and other useful topics, for inclusion in your face to face courses. As with the photographs, we retain the copyright and they cannot be published as part of any other work.

Browse the nautical illustration collection for sea school teachers.



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