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VHF DSC Radio Tutor Plus

Combined GMDSS Radio Instruction and Practice

Chapter Index of VHF Radio Tutor showing GMDSS VHF and DSC topics.
VHF DSC Radio Tutor teaching how to handle incoming Digital Selective Calling alerts.
Routine alert demonstrated by Radio Simulator in the VHF DSC TutorPlus package.
Channel selection on a simulated VHF DSC yacht Radio.


Two programs for little more than the price of one. Our most popular radio training pack. The VHF DSC Radio Tutor offers step-by-step instruction in using VHF radio for communications on a boat. The VHF DSC Radio Simulator then gives unlimited hands-on experience.

VHF DSC Radio Tutorial

The Radio Tutor is PC software, supplied by internet download. The program is installed to the hard drive of the PC and is then launched from its desktop icon when required.

VHF Radio Basics

Non-technical descriptions and animations explain all the basic functionality of marine VHF radio. Radio range, channels, squelch and other controls are covered.

DSC - Digital Selective Calling

Modern boat radios use a digital calling system to reduce traffic on the emergency channel. All the different types of alert and announcements are explained - Routine, Group, Safety, Urgency and Distress.

Voice Procedures

Audio examples make clear all the designated words and phrases to clarify communication over the radio.

VHF DSC Radio Training Simulator

The VHF Radio Simulator is a separate program which allows practice with all the controls and procedures in a typical DSC radio. A remote station is represented on-screen to show exactly how incoming and outgoing alerts and announcements are used and what information is transmitted.

Choice of Radio

A detailed model of a DSC radio provided, with fully working controls giving access to all the VHF and DSC functions common to all sets.

GPS Simulator

DSC Radios are normally connected to a GPS receiver so that your position can be incorporated automatically in certain alerts. The on-screen GPS simulator allows you to learn what data is transmitted; which alerts contain position data; what happens if the GPS signal is lost; and how to use the manual inputs instead.

PC Requirements to Run the TutorPlus

Personal Study £34.95
Professional Use £114.95